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Training Code: PIN
Training Name: Core Curriculum Series 1 - SED, LLD, Math, PD
Training Description: The Core Curriculum is a series of online, fee-based facilitated courses available to teachers, leaders, administrators, and coaches to deepen knowledge about the preschool learning foundations and curriculum framework. The courses are designed for individuals who have demonstrated a base level of knowledge of the foundations and framework. The in-depth coursework provides information and experiences that enable ECE and TK teachers, leaders, administrators, coaches, and professional learning specialists to decrease confusion and frustration by implementing the variety of resources available to the early childhood workforce by understanding how the preschool learning foundations and curriculum framework are based in research and connect to all other evidenced-based resources including curriculum, assessment, and other teaching tools.
Training Sponsor: WestEd - California Preschool Instructional Network (CPIN)
Training Sponsor Contact: Ms. Melinda Brookshire
Training Sponsor Contact Email:
Training Sponsor Phone Number: (805)465-4412
Training Contact Name: Joua Lee
Training Contact Email:
Training Contact Phone Number: (805) 465-4437
Training Hours: 60.00 Clock hours
Primary Knowledge Area: Child Development and Learning
Other Knowledge Areas: Child Development and Learning, Culture, Diversity and Equity, Relationship, Interactions and Guidance, Family and Community Engagement, Dual Language Development, Observation, Screening, Assessment and Documentation, Special Needs and Inclusion, Learning Environments and Curriculum, Health, Safety and Nutrition, Leadership in Early Childhood Education, Professionalism, Administration and Supervision
Is this a Gateways Passport Training?: No

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Instructor Name: Joua Lee
Event Type: Web-based Time Specific
Event Start Date: 04/18/2022 12:00 AM
Event End Date: 08/29/2022 12:00 PM
Language of Instruction: English
Event Notes: ***No time-specific***
Series 1─Domains & Concentration(s) (April 18-August 29, 2022)
• Social and Emotional Development: Inclusion Works, Powerful Role of Play, and
Building Resiliency through Play
• Language and Literacy Development: Integrated Nature of Learning
• Mathematics
• Physical Development
Cost $800

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Capacity: 50
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