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Training Code: PP
Training Name: Partnering with Parents
Training Description: Working effectively with parents is at the heart of quality care. A variety of issues—from feeding to finances—have the potential for conflict between provider and parent. This workshop highlights ways to work in partnership with parents and practice positive relationship building strategies. Topics include: ? establishing an atmosphere of trust and cooperation ? effective communication skills ? addressing child-rearing values and beliefs ? developing clear policies and practices This series of classes emphasizes the needs of children from birth to age five. The series aims to enhance the quality and safety of family child care environments. Each class makes practical use of the most recent research in child development and early childhood education.
Training Sponsor: Family Child Care at its Best
Training Sponsor Contact: Mr. John Gunton-Bell
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Training Contact Name: John Gunton-bell
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Training Hours: 5.00 Clock hours – CEU Eligible
Primary Knowledge Area: Family and Community Engagement
Other Knowledge Areas: Culture, Diversity and Equity, Relationship, Interactions and Guidance, Family and Community Engagement, Professionalism
Is this a Gateways Passport Training?: No

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Instructor Name: John Gunton-bell
Event Type: Classroom/Face-to-Face
Event Start Date: 02/15/2020 09:00 AM
Event End Date: 02/15/2020 03:00 PM
Event Location: Family Child Care Association of San Francisco
Event Address: 201 Williams Ave San Francisco CA
Language of Instruction: Mandarin
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Event Cost: $0.00
Capacity: 30
# Enrolled: 1
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