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Training Code: MA
Training Name: Caring for Children in Mixed Age Groups
Training Description: Unlike other child care settings, family child care homes and some center-based care settings integrate children of different ages. These settings provide children a greater opportunity for a variety of friendships and relationships than they could have in a group of same age children. Mixed age range settings provide opportunities for children to observe, imitate, and initiate a wide range of skills that are founded on developmentally appropriate practice. Participants will engage in: ? identification of the role of the adult as a careful planner ? theoretical frameworks that support the importance of play ? setting up a safe place for all ages and all children to learn and grow ? strategies to benefit mixed age children in one group setting
Training Sponsor: Family Child Care at its Best
Training Sponsor Contact: Mr. John Gunton-Bell
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Training Contact Name: John Gunton-bell
Training Contact Email:
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Training Hours: 5.00 Clock hours – CEU Eligible
Primary Knowledge Area: Relationship, Interactions and Guidance
Other Knowledge Areas: Child Development and Learning, Culture, Diversity and Equity, Relationship, Interactions and Guidance, Family and Community Engagement, Learning Environments and Curriculum
Is this a Gateways Passport Training?: No

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Instructor Name: John Gunton-bell
Event Type: Classroom/Face-to-Face
Event Start Date: 02/29/2020 09:00 AM
Event End Date: 02/29/2020 03:00 PM
Event Location: Family Child Care Association of San Francisco
Event Address: 201 Williams Ave San Francisco CA
Language of Instruction: Mandarin
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Capacity: 30
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